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    Warning: "public void ejbCreate() throws CreateException ...

    btal Newbie

      I am using JBoss4 and I am getting this warning with my MDBs (causing my deployment to halt eventually) ...

      > Method : public void ejbCreate() throws CreateException
      > Section: 15.7.3
      > Warning: The ejbCreate() method must define no application
      > exceptions.

      As far as I understand "CreateException" is not an application exception ...
      What could be the problem please? And how can I overcome it?

      Any help would be greatly appreciate. Thanks.

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          btal Newbie

          Well I may have posting this question too hastily. I now understand that ejbCreate shouldn't raise any exception. So it may be that only the text of the warning is improper.
          Correct me if I am mistaken please ...