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    Questions about Corba client accessing an EJB on JBOSS

    stanimir Newbie

      Hi guys,
      I have two questions about Corba client accessing an EJB.
      I know that JBOSS uses JACORB ORB to generate iiop stubs which could be downloaded at runtime be a Java client.
      But my client is not a Java client. It's a Forte client.
      So I need to generate the IDL interfaces and perheps the iiop stubs of my EJB home and remote interfaces. (Is this right???)
      My first question is :
      Should I use the JACORB IDL compiler to generate the IDL files or I could simply use the default Sun IDL compiler with the command rmic -idl ....????

      My second question is :
      Which are the stubs my Forte client need??
      Are they the EJB home and remote interface stubs only or all the interface and classe stubs that my EJB home and remote interfaces extend and/or implement?????

      Has anybody answers to these questions, please let me know.

      Thank you very much.