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    Impossible stack trace - classloader problem

    rme Newbie

      I have three ears. To overcome the problem of having classes loaded
      by multiple class loaders (and issuing an exception with the message:
      "check your deployment packaging") , all three ears have the same
      loader-repository in thier respective jboss-app.xml files.
      This allowed the use of ejb rmi communication via remote ejb
      Now at runtime I get the following stack trace:
      2004-01-10 09:34:06,692 ERROR [STDERR] - java.lang.IllegalAccessError: tried to access method com.edgedynamics.exception.EDException.getResourceString(Ljava/util/ResourceBundle;Ljava/lang/String;Ljava/lang/String;)Ljava/lang/String; from class com.edgedynamics.exception.MessageMaker10
      2004-01-10 09:34:06,692 ERROR [STDERR] - at com.edgedynamics.exception.MessageMaker10.getResourceString(MessageMaker10.java:303)
      2004-01-10 09:34:06,692 ERROR [STDERR] - at com.edgedynamics.exception.MessageMaker10.getLine(MessageMaker10.java:247)
      2004-01-10 09:34:06,693 ERROR [STDERR] - at com.edgedynamics.exception.MessageMaker10.getMessage(MessageMaker10.java:193)
      2004-01-10 09:34:06,693 ERROR [STDERR] - at com.edgedynamics.exception.EDException.getLocalizedMessage(EDException.java:306)
      2004-01-10 09:34:06,693 ERROR [STDERR] - at com.edgedynamics.proxy.ProxyFaultHandler.reportFault(ProxyFaultHandler.java:338)
      2004-01-10 09:34:06,693 ERROR [STDERR] - at com.edgedynamics.proxy.ProxyFaultHandler.doFault(ProxyFaultHandler.java:264)

      Tell me how the EDException class can access the MessageMaker10
      class but when the MessageMaker10 class attempts to access the
      EDException class I get an java.lang.IllegalAccessError.