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    HTTP invoker in 3.04

    dsengupt Newbie

      Hello all,
      We are currently working with 3.04 and i have been trying to convert the transport of some of the beans we use to use both RMI and HTTP. I know that 3.1+ onwards JBoss does support using multiple invokers but in order to transition to the later JBoss we require changes to a lot of other stuff which may not be feasible now. I have 2 questions. Firstly, I find that despite configuring a HTTP invoker for the beans in the jboss.xml (by specifying the bean-invoker and home-invoker and specifying an invoker-binding for the client, JNDI lookup returns me a proxy that uses JRMP invoker. Do i need to specify something else as well? Secondly, i tried to programmatically set the invoker to HttpInvokerProxy by getting the Proxy's ClientContainer, client container's invocation context and calling setInvoker with a new HttpInvokerProxy(with the URL constructor). But i get a class cast exception as soon as i try to call create on the home object returned by JNDI.
      at $Proxy1.create(Unknown Source)

      Any help would be greatly appreciated. Thanks,