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    Statefull SessionBean passivate error

    olmomad Newbie

      I need a context in my session bean to retrieve other beans in the container:
      I coded my bean as I learned here and everything seems work until the passivation

      public getRefBean(){
       Context jndiContext = new InitialContext();
       Object obj = jndiContext.lookUp("...");
       }catch(Exception ex){}
      After the bean has been passivated/re-activated
      my method above receive an empty context without my referenced bean!
      So I tried to initialize the context only once,
      I read somewhere the J2EE rules about the "jndiContext" in a statefull sessionbean: make it a public attribute, initialize it once e forget it!
      The container should manage the passivation even if the InitialContext class is not serializable! But with JBoss this doesn't happen!
      Can someone help me?

      PS: please don't laugh about my english!