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    JAXB NoClassDefFoundError

    hretter Newbie

      I'm trying to use JAXB with JBoss, but I keep getting the following error.
      06:41:12,063 ERROR PCTCTopicProcessor.java java.lang.NoClassDefFoundError: test/jaxb/impl/runtime/UnmarshallingContext
      I suspect it's a classloader issue. I have the JAXB-generated objects (of which this class is one) in their own jar file in the server/default/lib directory.
      The JAXB objects work fine from the command line. As a note, I 'turned on' serialization in xjc so I could create JMS ObjectMessages that contain these JAXB objects. I get this error at this point:
      ObjectMessage objMsg = jmsSession.createObjectMessage(patient);
      The JAXB-generated object (patient) has been instantiated and properties set. The call where it fails is attempting to serialize the object, I suspect.
      I placed the JAXB libs in the jdk1.4/jre/lib/endorsed directoty.
      Thank you.