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    Slower and slower and ...

    Chris Malan Novice

      Dear All,

      I have a few near identical applications running at Alacarte Java.
      These applications all tend to slow down over time. Restarting JBoss
      brings them up to speed again. It seems the more visits, the quicker
      they slow down - right up to the point of really bogging down.

      The log-file is of no help.

      Some of the ejb cmp beans have been configured as CMP 2.x and Cache in
      jboss.xml They don't change that much and read queries most likely far
      outnumbers write queries, which only takes place every few days, if that

      Some transactions involving only reads have been set to Supports.

      All these applications are deployed as uncompressed directories (the root
      one called whatever.ear in each case) in JBoss/server/default/deploy.

      Alacarte Java seems to provide a JBoss running in its own process to each
      account. So none of these applications even have a JBOSS_HOME in the same file structure. Stopping the JBoss of one account takes only that account's application "off the air."

      It is never necessary to restart the database - MySQL.

      Any idea as to what causes this slowing down? I would like the applications
      to just run on for ever and ever, but I suspect that is asking a bit too much.

      Support at Alacarte Java seems to be taciturn - so not much help there.

      Any ideas will be appreciated.

      Chris Malan