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    deploying EAR files

    nagulapati Newbie

      Hello All,

      I deployed an EAR file in JBoss and here is the directory structure....


      ejb-app-jar contains the artifacts for EJB and AdminClient.jar is jar package containing the dependent classes which are used by the EJB bean

      In my manifest.mf I added the "Class-Path" line as follows,

      Class-path: ./lib/AdminClient.jar

      My question is when I deployed the ear package in the "deploy" directory of JBoss, the classloader is trying to locate the AdminClient.jar file from the "deploy/bin" directory in the JBoss and not in the "lib" directory inside the EAR package.

      What am I doing wrong here? Any pointers? I would like the classloader to locate the classes inside the lib directory in EAR package. I also tried replacing the classpath line without "." but in vain.

      Thanks in advance,