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    does any transaction attribute works in jboss 3.2.1????

    saroramki Newbie

      The question is with the A of ACID.. Automicity... on a nutshell the problem is database updated partially- couldn't complete full operation - so supposed to rollback the first either thru JDBC way or thru jboss txn way , but in both ways couldn't rollback the first update...

      This is my environment Jboss3.2.1, Oracle 9i, windows NT(for development env. only)

      SSB(CM) -> DB

      I've a stateful session bean(container managed) as the DAO talking to data base directly using JDBC.
      Data source transaction parameter been set to local-transaction.

      one particular method of this SSB makes 2 db calls. one succeeds, one fails...first update exists in db!!!! I've tried with all 6 different tx attributes out of curiosity.. nothin' works.... Atleast the JDBC way should work when I catch the SQL exception for the second db call and try to rollback the connection, but it doesn't let me.. (connection couldn't rollback kinda error) any clues?

      If I set the data source txn parameter to no-transaction and I set the auto commit to false and make db call , upon succed either commit or rollback - that kinda way works fine... But i don't want to go this way... want to have local-transaction in the data source attribute and want to control the transaction using the txn attributes... haven't tried the last data source txn parameter... (some xa-bla one)

      Am i missing anything ?

      thanks in advance