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    TimerService(EJB2.1) with  JBOSS-4.0.0DR2 don`t work if serv

    Muneendra Newbie

      Hi Every body,

      TSS article says about javax.ejb.TimerService.

      "If the server goes down, the timers will still be active when it comes back up again.If an interval timer expires many times while the server is down, it may go off multiple times when the system comes up again. Consult your vendors' documentation to learn how they handle expired timers following a system failure"


      i have tryed deploying the interval timer sevices with JBoss-4.0.0 DR2 it works fine if server is alive.

      I made the server down anb started .. once the server is restarted TimerService is not activated..

      is it a bug or this feature yet to be implemented with JBOSS-4.

      Thanks in advance

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          fearghal Newbie

          I'm experiencing the same problem -
          using jboss-4.0.0DR3, i've successfully created a session bean that creates a timer - the ejbTimeout method is invoked as expected. but when the server is restarted the jboss trace reports:

          17:23:03,281 INFO [FilePersistenceManager] Using data directory: D:\Java\jboss-4.0.0DR3\server\all\data
          17:23:03,281 INFO [FilePersistenceManager] Open backup file: D:\Java\jboss-4.0.0DR3\server\all\data\timers.0.save
          17:23:03,297 INFO [FilePersistenceManager] Load saved timers for container: jboss.j2ee:jndiName=CdrUploaderBean,service=EJB
          17:23:03,313 INFO [FilePersistenceManager] Got saved timer item: FilePersistenceManager.TimerItem [ , type: ADD, timer rep: ContainerTimerRepresentative [ Id: 0, key: [B@c5e2cf, start date: Wed May 05 17:21:14 BST 2004, interval: 60000, info: [B@1adb7b8 ] ]
          17:23:03,328 INFO [FilePersistenceManager] Started jboss:service=TimePersistenceManager,type=File
          17:23:03,328 INFO [SchedulerTimerSource] Started jboss:service=EJBTimerService

          yet the ejbTimeout is never called.

          Is the fact the the timer is not being invoked after a restart of the server some missing functionality, or is it a bug on my part?

          thanks in advance