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    Deploying Remote and Local Stateless Session

    Adrian Hallam Newbie


      I have a Session Bean that I am trying to deploy. The ejb-jar.xml looks like:


      < local >me.MyBeanEJBLocal< /local >
      < remote >me.MyBeanEJB< /remote >

      (no spaces in the tags - i put them there to fix presentation on this screen)




      jboss.xml looks like:
      < session >
      < /session >

      When I change the local jndi value - I see the change in the jmx-console (so it is seeing my jboss.xml file OK). However, nothing I try will get the Remote JNDI to deploy... If I remove the local jndi line then it deploys under local/MyBeanEJB but still no remote interface.

      I looked through my JNDI tree and noticed that nothing has deployed as both local and remote. Is it possible in 3.2.3 to deploy both local and remote interfaces for the same EJB?

      I have also written the local and remote interfaces to implement my actual Interface. That is,

      public interface MyBeanEJB extends EJBObject, IMyBean

      so that I don't have to put all the methods in both MyBeanEJB and MyBeanEJBLocal. Can this cause a problem with deployment?

      I have a JDBC security realm which is talking to a Unicode MySQL database but I don't think that is related to this problem?!? All of this code/config was working in an earlier version of JBoss.

      Any help, pointers or ideas are greatly appreciated.