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    jboss-JNI memory leaks

    Vandenbroucke Johan Newbie


      We use a jni library to use some program logic.
      The jni lib have several functions that send several data to java and vice versa.

      The strange thing is we have a memory leakn its seems that no data that is used in the lib is freeed. For every new in the c-code there is a delete.

      We have tested or java webserver with jprofile and everthing is cleanup nice. We have tested the library on memory leaks also here we didn't found any one.

      So it can only be in the JNI part in the java_2_cpp and cpp_2_java. Has anyone experience to handle such problems?

      I'm using linux redhat 7.3 with jboss3.2.3

      All tips are welcome