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    EJB versioning

    David Wade Newbie

      Have a problem trying to use different versions of an EJB.

      Have successfully deployed two EAR files, manager-v1.ear and manager-v2.ear, each containing an EJB Jar with an EJB named "Manager" with the same named remote and home interfaces. The two EJBs bind to JNDI under the names ejb/ManagerV1 and ejb/ManagerV2. The separate EAR and versioned EJB's are clearly visible in the web-console.

      However when I try to access a particular version of the EJB, using the versioned JNDI name from a standalone program, I always get ManagerV1.

      Is there anyway of getting this versioning to work without having to have version numbers incorporated into the bean name itself (or seperate servers)?