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    Calling EJB from inside Oracle Database

    osoe Newbie

      I am working with JBOSS3.3.2 and Oracle9i. I would appreciate if any one share the experience of calling a EJB session from inside Oracle. I understand that Oracle9i supports JDK1.3.1 and I could load the JBOSS client jars and my EJB client jars into the Oracle database and Oracle could call it. But I would like to get some insight on this so it would save some time.


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          Guy Rouillier Newbie

          Search the archives from last year. Some of us have gotten this to work. We talked about coordinating efforts but that didn't happen. I've never seen any formal instructions, we all just kind of hacked at it. And your approach is the one we used - just load all the JBoss client jars and your client jars into Oracle. I'm sure we could pare that down dramatically if we could muster a group to work on it, but that approach will get you started.

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            osoe Newbie

            Thanks for your reply. I tried searching the archive with out much luck. I would appreciate if you could post the URL. (May be I am asking too much)


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              Nicholas Whitehead Novice

              I added the doc to the jboss wiki:


              The formating is giving me agro, but if you hit the link above directly, it should work.


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                Nicholas Whitehead Novice

                Following up on this issue, I am also [very late on] working on an Oracle Cache Invalidation bridge. While studying up on this, I have concluded that the direct invocation of EJBs , and other services in JBoss via RMI or HTTP is probably not optimal. It is just too unstable, and I question Oracle commitment to maintaining a current VM inside the database.

                On the other hand, their messaging solution is very stable (and the grapevine says soon to be much improved over all). I see this as a better solution ttowards implementing an invocation layer over JMS to JBoss from Oracle. Something like this:

                Oracle (PL/SQL Block Somewhere) ---> Invoke Internal Java Class (Bridge Client) ---> Package Invocation ---> Send Invocation Over OracleAQ (wait for response) ---> JBoss Resident Oracle Invocation Bridge Server ----> Receive Message --> Unpack Invocation ---> Pass to standard Invoker ---> Send Response Back to Caller.

                (The chapter on the detached invokers in the Admin docs made it all clear)

                In progress......

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                  osoe Newbie

                  Excellent WIKI doc and I like the messaging approach.

                  A question regarding step 2 on the "How to call JBoss EJBs From the Oracle Internal VM". Why do I have to recompile all the invalid classes if I use JBOSS 3.2.3 with Oracle 9i (JDK1.3.1)