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    JBoss 3.2.4. qusetion

    Franco Apprentice

      just a question, is this feature also for jaws (ejb 1.1) implemented ?


      "New option to check the database structure at deployment and update it if possible. For this behaviour, in jbosscmp-jdbc.xml, in defaults, you have to add <alter-table>true</alter-table>. It should normally be used in combination with <create-table>true</create-table>. The structure of the database is checked at deployment time. The missing fields are added. The string fields have their length adjusted when the new type is longer than the old (numeric fields are not modified for the time being). Fields which are no longer needed are dropped. For relation tables, the code checks whether the definition is correct and logs a warning if not. The current code has a limitation in that it converts fieldnames to upper case for comparison. This may cause problems for some systems (though, as JBossCMP does not allow quoting of fieldnames at this time, this should be minimal)."