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    Unable to store/load updates to BMP entity using commit-opti

    tsnowden552 Newbie

      I have just moved an application from V2.4.3 to 3.2.3, and am experiencing a problem with my BMP entity beans. Under 2.4.3, I have had no problem with the storage and loading of updates to these entity beans.

      Since moving this application to 3.2.3, if I run the default standardjboss.xml with the Standard BMP Entity commit-option set to B or C (because I need to run the ejbLoad at every transaction), the update will not ever get into the database.

      I have tried with commit-option A, which ironically does properly update the database but, of course, does not run ejbLoad upon calling that instance unless the instances max-bean-age has expired.

      Can anyone help me with regard to where I'm going wrong. Essentially, I simply need to write any updates to the entity beans, but I also have to run ejbLoad every time I access that ejb for information.

      Any help you can provide is most appreciated.