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    Entity Bean Explosion?

    idxp Newbie

      The project I am handling has the following features:

      1. Quite a lot(hundreds of thousand) entity beans will be created
      2. And they will NEVER be removed

      The project is to enhance a legacy project which used JDBC directly to persist data.

      I also understand that EJB will be passivated and be put into the pool so that App Server will not be out of memory.

      The question is that, even if an EJB is passivated, will it still occupy some resources on App Server? If yes, what kind of resource is occupied? If there are several million EJBs created and then passivated, will they exhaust resources of App Server since they will never be removed?

      In the legacy system, this is not the problem. Because it used JDBC, all data only exists in DB, not App Server. I am going to enhance it using EJB. But due to the above considerations, I am hesitating whether to use it or not since it may require a huge amount resource to be added to App Server. (BTW, I am using JBOSS as App Server)

      Any suggestions?