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    launch an "EJB daemon"

    Adrian Wilford Newbie


      I'm new with JBoss, and I don't know how to deploy many things. In this case, I need to create an EJB, to be activated at some specific times, along a day. To do that, I think I need a stateless EJB which is launched by the JBoss, running an infinite loop and scanning system time.

      My questions are two. Do you think this is a good solution? And... how can I launch an EJB from JBoss? Until this moment, all my EJB were been launched from servlets...



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          Collin Novice

          It might make more sense to use the JMX Timer service to schedule your stateless session bean method invocations.

          Have a look at


          This should exist on all J2EE-compliant app servers, but if that is not important, I believe jboss has a scheduler service that is supposedly easier to use. For that, look at scheduler-service.xml that should exist in your deploy directory.