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    context.lookup finds Local Home from remote jvm

    Jeff Hiatt Newbie

      We are porting our application that is running on Weblogic 7.x to run on JBoss 3.2.3. We have Manager classes that handle getting Session beans, and test first to get the local interface, and if the lookup on the local home fails, then they try the remote interface. These Managers are used both inside the container and from "remote" clients.

      Funny thing is, even from the remote clients, the context.lookup returns a non-null reference to the local homes on our Session beans. However when you try to create the local interface it throws a NullPointerException - and the local home is NOT NULL!

      I've been using various app servers for several years now and this just doesn't seem right. Is there a configuration issue item that I could have wrong or could change?