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    buptzjs Newbie

      i am new to jboss.
      i have a sfsb , and i want to test the <max-bean-life>.
      in the standardjboss.xml file, i change the default value of max-bean-life from 1800 to 30 secs.
      if the max-bean-life well works ,my client will not get the session bean,but the result is so strange, my client can get the session after the thread sleep for 1 mins,why?
      can anybody help me?

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          micke Novice

          The max-bean-life sets the period how long a passivated bean will exist before it is removed (scan time set by remover-period).
          The max-bean-age sets the period of inactivity before a bean is passivated (scan time is set by overager-period).

          You need to check all those settings to get your desired set-up. Also, its a good thing to extend the container-configuration you are using and override the settings you want to change, such as max-bean-age, in your jboss.xml file. That way you keep the standard default settings to be used by other apps.

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            buptzjs Newbie

            i can not catch you ,
            do you mean i should chage the <max-bean-age> at the same time?

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              micke Novice

              It depends on what behaviour you are after. The max-bean-age parameter sets how long an inactive bean will remain in the cache at the most. After that it will be passivated. Any further access of the bean within max-bean-life time period will activate the bean. It will be removed if not accessed within this time.

              In short, if you want the bean to be removed from system within T, then
              T >= max-bean-life + remover-period + max-bean-age + overager-period.

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                gabriel breda Newbie

                interessante Informationen, vielen Dank :-)
                rrrrm, I mean, Thank you ;-P