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    Invalidate a Bean's Cache?

    Pooja Chauhan Newbie


      I'd like to have a commit-option which is something like commit option A, meaning not fetching from db everytime, assuming its own copy to be current, unless I manually set the beans cache to be invalid. So, basically everything will work as commit option A with an extra check if the bean has been marked invalid, in which case it will be refetched from database. It'll be the responsibility of the program which is updating the database (not through the bean) to make sure it calls invalidate of correspoding bean (the bean will expose an interface for just this task & which does not involve a whole look up or waking up of the bean. The bean will only wake up when someone calls up to read it but will find itself invalidated).

      A little study makes me think there is no such option. Commit Option D comes the closest to it, but doesn't provide exactly what I am looking for.

      May be I am missing something important. Is it possible to do such a thing with JBoss (even if JBoss-specific)? If not, is there a logical reason for not having it? or is it just a not-so-required requirement :)

      Thanx and Regards
      --- Pooja.