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    EJB remote calls optimization

    cari34 Newbie

      Hi guys,
      I have read that jboss.xml file could be very usefull to
      optimize calls between tiers in Jboss.
      Specially, I have read that if one puts the following in the jboss.xml file


      the EJB methods arguments and return objects will be passed by

      reference, not by value.
      I must say that true is surounded by the optimized tag which does not
      appear in the excrept above.

      So I have a question.
      Imagine I have an EJB client and an EJB living on the same JBOSS instance (same server).
      The client uses only the remote interface to call EJB methods.
      The EJB has no local interfaces.

      If I configure the EJB jboss.xml file as I mention above, does it mean that
      the argements and the objects the client passes and gets from the EJB will
      be passed by reference (avoiding serialization) ?

      I repeate, the client communicates with the EJB through the remote interface and lives on the same server that the EJB.

      Is there any gain in performance using this configuration when calls are made on the same server, but through the remote interface ?

      If you have any idea about this question, please let me know.

      Thank you very much