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    When to close JDBC-connection in User Tx?

    danip Newbie


      I have a remote client with several threads which all run
      (remote) user transactions at a JBoss server.
      (The transactions are demarcated at the client side.)
      Every transaction invokes serveral remote method calls
      of a stateless session bean which in turn
      execute SQL-statements of an XA-JDBC-datasource.
      The related JDBC connections are handled (properly) by the JBoss-Tx-Manager via XAResources.

      However, when I close an aquired connection inside a bean method
      it seems that the related JDBC-transaction is implicitly committed,
      altough the user transaction is not yet committed (by the remote client).
      This causes consistency problems.

      On the other hand, if I leave the connection open, the JBoss
      CachedConnectionManager complains about not closing the connection
      on time (it is only a debug-warning though).

      So my question: when and how should I close a related DB connection?
      After committing or (right) before committing the User transaction?
      Closing after the commit would mean that I needed an extra remote
      call just for the connection.close() operation :(

      If I make the CachedConnectionManager do the "connection
      close job" (which is not clean/standard compliant) the system
      seems to quickly run out
      of pooled connections. This already happens with only 5 client threads,
      which means 5 concurrent user transactions.

      Or is there a smart way to configure JBoss and the internal
      connection manager for that purpose?

      Greetings and thanks for your time,


      PS: I use JBoss 3.2.3 an MySQL with an older XA-enabled JDBC driver.