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    Deploying the same ear twice

    zinumolbap Newbie

      Hi all,

      I'm facing a problem I've been trying to solve for several days. The fact is I have an application wich uses Struts + EJBs.
      My intention is to reuse it deploying it several times under different contexts. I've changed JNDI names associated with entity beans and also datasource info.
      But my surprise is when I deploy two instances of this app under two different contexts using two different datasources, one of them empty.
      When I access the app with the empty datasource I get info from the other app. It is like it is using EJBs from the other app.

      This make me think of several questions. Is it possible to reuse code with only changing deployment descriptors? Maybe I've lost some step?

      Please, any help will be very, very appreciated. This issue is making me insane.

      Thanks in advance.