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    How to remove vendor-specific entity-commands tags via ant/x

    rich1 Newbie

      Im trying to understand/use xdoclet and ant to build my ejb interfaces and jboss.xml, ejb-jar etc, using the ejbdoclet tags.

      In all of my xxxxEJB.java I seem to need to specify the following tag (for primary key access) depending on my target database. :

      @jboss.entity-command name = " mssql-fetch-key"
      @jboss.entity-command name = " mysql-get-generated-keys"
      @jboss.entity-command name = "sybase-fetch-key"
      @jboss.entity-command name = "oracle-sequence"

      These seem to map over to the generated jbosscmp-jdbc.xml file tags
      <entity-command >mssql-fetch-key</entity-command >
      <entity-command >mysql-get-generated-keys</entity-command >

      The 'goal' seems to be to move these configuration dependent choices out of the src code and into the build/deploy process but I cant see a way to move them out.

      Ive already figured out how to move the datasource and datasource-mapping ejbdoclet tags out to the xdoclet generation portion of the ant build file but cant find the equivalent mechanism for this tags..

      Does anyone know the solution?

      Thanks - Rich