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    "HTTP Status 500-No Context configured to process this reque

    seanbans Newbie

      I get the above error when going to the http://localhost:8080/fibo url.

      I followed the tutorial to the letter on two different machines and got the same result.

      What is the problem?


      I can tell you what the error means, it means the application
      isn't deployed.

      I personally dislike xdoclet, so I don't actually use JBossIDE.

      Please keep questions in the forums where other people can
      benefit from the answers.


      On Tue, 2004-04-20 at 00:07, sb609@daimlerchrysler.com wrote:
      > hi adrian,
      > my name is sean. i'm a java developer here at chrysler. i've been
      > testing jboss with eclipse. i followed the instructions in the above
      > tutorial. however, when i try to access the app url
      > (http://localhost:8080/fibo), i get the infamous: "HTTP Status 500 -
      > No Context configured to process this request" error.
      > i've been trying to find the solution on the jboss forum, but to no
      > avail. since, i'm sure you're familiar with this error, can you give
      > the solution to the problem?
      > Thanks.
      > Regards,
      > Sean Bansfield
      > ADAM Team
      > Chrysler Technical Center
      > Auburn Hills, MI 48326
      > (248) 944-5381
      Adrian Brock
      Director of Support
      Back Office
      JBoss Inc.

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          Raja Master

          u mite get better responses if posted in the servlets/jsp forum.

          Anyway, what is ur war file name? is it fibo.war? Are u sure it got deployed fine? You can lookup the jmx-console to see if it got deployed.