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    Porting from BEA to JBoss

    quai quai Newbie

      Hi all,

      I am trying to port my EJB modules in Bea Weblogic 6.1 to JBoss 4.0 with FOE deployer and Bea Convertor. I have deployed the foe-deployer-3.2.sar file and the two service entries are presented in jmx-console. However, when I placed my bea EJB module (with .wlar extension) in the deploy directory, the generated .jar file still containing weblogic-ejb-jar.xml, and no jboss.xml file is generated. May I know why this happen? And is the convertor working?

      From ccs

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          Alexey Loubyansky Master

          Are there some errors logged?
          I added a page for FoeDeployer on the wiki

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            quai quai Newbie

            I am thankful to receive your reply. There is no error log, and I can see the deployed package message for both .wlar file and the generated .jar. However, when I examine the content in the generated .jar file, the jboss.xml and jbosscmp-jdbc.xml is not there, but weblogic-ejb-jar.xml and weblogic-cmp-rdbms-jar.xml is still there. Does this mean that the EJB has been deployed with default configuration and ignoring any WebLogic-specific deployment descriptors? I have the extension .wlar for my weblogic EJB already but why does this happen? I try it with .jar.wl too but the result is still the same. I have try on the .wlar bean from the sample application too but the generated .jar 's contents also like above. May I know where is the problem? Thanks a lot!