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    Change EJB env-entries without redeploying

    bcalmac Newbie

      Is it possible to change the env entries from ejb-jar.xml without redeploying the bean?

      Bogdan Calmac.
      knoa software.

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          bcalmac Newbie

          Well, I would guess from the lack of answers that you can't. How do you guys allow the user to configure the enterprise beans? I see a couple of options, none too atractive:

          1. Change ejb-jar.xml and redeploy the bean. This is a little bit to much for a production server.

          2. Implement your custom configuration using JDBC and create a GUI for it.

          3. Load the properties from the file system. This is not really recommended in a distributed EJB environment.

          4. Use JMX. This is not persistent.

          As an example, in the standalone tomcat you can place a context definition file under the conf directory with environment entries for the web application.

          Any thoughts?