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    Stateful Transaction Timeout

    jagertee Newbie

      Greetings. I have a stateful session bean that I wish to set a timeout value for (e.g. if the user goes away to write a novel I want it to eventually timeout). I am also doing the appropriate remove at the end of the transaction sequence.

      Not sure where to set this in JBOSS. I've been using Jrun recently and they have an ejb-jar.xml specific to Jrun (alongside the std one) which is as follows...

       <!-- AffidavitFacade is a stateful session bean-->

      Is there somewhere in JBOSS I can define something similar - or is it a global setting (not for the specific EJB as above)(which would be OK).

      Using Jboss 3.2.3 accessing Oracle8, client coming in via Tomcat.

      Thanks gurus!

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          perfectdaytochasetornados Newbie

          Yes, I would also like to know how to change the timeouts. I even bought the documentation, but can't find it in there either???


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            Guy Daniel Newbie

            I found this in the 3.2.4 list of tasks to be done....

            CMT transaction timeout overrides is done.

            It is configured using method attributes in jboss.xml (values are in seconds), e.g.