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    Optimal Bean Pool Size at boot

    cari34 Newbie

      Hi guys,
      Can anybody tell me what is the
      optimal bean pool size at JBOSS startup and
      maximum bean pool size
      if one wants a
      scalable EJB application?

      Imagine, I estimate that my EJB deployed on JBOSS
      will have up to 50 concurrent clients.

      So what would you suggest to
      put in the jboss.xml file as
      instance pool size at startup and
      maximum bean pool size,
      so that my EJBs get a good performance and
      high scalability ?

      What criteria should I use to determine
      the optimal bean pool size ?

      Thank you.


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          Adrian Brock Master

          Look, whenever I answer this question it always stress test and find out.
          This forum is for technical questions, if you want help optimizing your application
          hire a consultant if you can't do it yourself.

          I always have to go into long discussions because people who ask this question
          don't know the difference between a pool and a cache or their relative importance.
          There are also more important configurations like front end threads, db pool
          and OS configuration.

          If you are interested, use search, you might enjoy some of this misunderstandings
          people have. :-)