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    dependency between 2 jar-files in one ear-file

    uschmid Newbie


      This is my first question on this forum. Hope it is in good style.

      I'm using jboss 3.2.3 on linux.

      I want to deploy an mdb which is placed in one jar-file, that uses an entity-bean from a different jar-file, to store data received from a message. Both jar-files are in the same ear.

      When the queue on which my mdb is registered is empty during deploytime, everything works fine.
      When the appropriate queue contains messages during deploytime a naming-exception occurs sometimes. This is the case when my mdb is deployed prior to the necessary entity-bean. In this case a message is processed by the mdb before the necessary entity-bean is deployed. The lookup fails and the message ends in the DLQ.

      The order in which the deployment of the beans is executed, is completely coincidentally.

      My question is now if there is a mechanism that enables me to define the order in which the different jar-files in my ear should be deployed.

      I appreciate every help!