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    problem with authentication domains

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      I have deployed 2 ears on JBoss 3.2.1 on a Linux machine. Each has several EJBs and two web apps, the administration web app and the client WEB app. The EJBs are of the same type but access different databases, and the two EARs are configured to use different classloaders (). The two administration apps are using a security domain to protect access from unauthenticated users, while the client apps provide unrestricted access. To accomplish this the jboss-web.xml files for the administration apps contain:


      And the appropriate security-constraint elements are defined in web.xml. The jboss-web.xml files for the client WEB apps contain the same, but no security-constraint elements are defined in web.xml.

      The login-config.xml defines the app_x application policies to use the DatabaseServerLoginModule.

      Authentication and authorization for the admin apps works fine. However the following problem occurs in the client WEB apps:

      (In separate browsers)
      BROWSER 1: See app_1_client - OK
      BROWSER 2: See app_2_client - OK
      BROWSER 3: Login to app_1_admin - OK (username admin_1)
      BROWSER 4: Login to app_2_admin - OK (username admin_2)
      BROWSER 1: REFRESH throws exception:

      javax.ejb.EJBException: checkSecurityAssociation; CausedByException is:
      Authentication exception, principal=admin_1

      App_1_admin is still functional. If I login again to app_2_admin, app_2_client works and app_1_client stops with a similar exception.

      It seems to me that the authentication domains get mixed up for a reason I do not understand. Is there anything to do about it? If more details are required for the configuration, I will gladly provide.

      Thank you in advance,