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    JNDI: how to register objects running on different machines

    Kiran Bajaj Newbie

      Hi all,
      Whenever I deploy a particular bean, it gets registered in the JNDI running in that application server only. But what I need is I am deploying 3 different objects in three app servers(all jboss 3.2.3) running on three different machines but all these objects should be registered or binded in only one JNDI running on machine 4 so that client just communicates with only one JNDI for all the objects.
      I think this is possible.(Because this is the concept of distributed objects) but how is it possible that I don't know. Whether we should make configuration changes in JNDI running on machine 4 or I should make changes in the deployemnt descriptor of the beans. If any one of you know which XML files need to be changed and how then please let me know.