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    "Unable to passivate due to ctx lock" and jboss stops respon

    Rich Bolen Newbie

      We're having an issue with JBoss 3.2.3 on Win 2000 server. It appears to be related to "Unable to passivate due to ctx lock" appearing in the log files. Our jboss server stops responding to client requests and we get thousands of these "Unable..." messages in our logs. When the server is working, we don't see any of these messages.

      Does anyone know if there's a clear connection between these messages and the server not responding to client requests? Is it a configuration problem?

      Our app uses 2 stateful session beans (and one stateless). Our cache limit is 1000000 for stateful beans.

      I've seen various posts about the "unable to passivate" messages but no clear solution.

      I've enabled trace logging on "org.jboss.ejb.plugins" to see what we find.