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    "create" method invokation, failed

    Catalin Kormos Newbie

      I'm using JBoss 3.2.3, and i'm trying to set up the server so it can be accesed by client applications through HTTP. I also have a firewall that protects my server, each call is made to the firewall, which then redirects them to my server. I have setted the "InvokerURL" attribute in the http invoker's service descriptor, for each mbean present there, to point to the firewall's publicaly available IP address, but after obtaining the home of a stateless session bean, the invoking of the "create" method generates an error telling that my server can't be contacted, is not reachable, but it does't try to connect to the public IP, instead it failes because the internal IP address of the server is the address to which my client application tries to connect, which, of course can't be reached. Is there some other settings that i need to make in order to be able to use EJBs over HTTP?