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      I'm getting a strange error and I can't figure out where it's coming from. The error is:

      javax.naming.CommunicationException [Root exception is java.io.InvalidClassException: com.jumptech.ejb.data.ClassificationKey; local class incompatible: stream classdesc serialVersionUID = 3516263798211357872, local class serialVersionUID = -7766269257321949119]

      The ClassificationKey class is obviously my own class. It is a primary key class for my BMP entity bean. The error occurs when I try to get the Home interface to run a findByXXX(). I have other entity beans that are working fine, but use a different, common primary key class. This error manifested itself when I introduced this new class and EJB.

      I build the ear using ant and have not changed my build.xml for weeks. The ant script puts my jar file in the root of the ear as well as the WEB-INF/lib dir of the war. Both jar files are identical. I don't have the jar file anywhere else in the system.

      I have done a clean build several times thinking there was a stale jar or ear somewhere and that doesn't help.

      Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated.