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    Help! Dirty read with commit option B on JBoss 3.2.0

    Maxim Newbie

      I use JBoss 3.2.0 with container configuration "Standard CMP 2.x EntityBean" (commit option B, pessimistick locking). All code run within transactions, user or container (required).
      I see next strange behaviour:
      1. JBoss starts first transactions that find some Entity Bean instance A, use it with get and set methods and lock it within transaction.
      2. Started second transaction that try to gain lock on the same object A and waiting.
      3. First transaction end it's actions and commit changed A property to DB.
      4. From this moment second transaction can continue to run , gains lock on A , but when it try to call get property i see inconsistence and view that actually readed value that was before commit of first transaction - dirty read.

      What i do wrong and should change ?