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    ejbLoad() not executed after direct DB update ?

    Maxim Newbie

      I use JBoss 3.2.0 with default container configuration - 'Standard CMP 2.x EntityBean', commit option B, pessimistick lock. All code working within transactions.

      I see the next scenario:
      * first transaction started, using select with EjbQL selects some entities and print them to the screen using getters (HTML). After first transaction committed.
      * new transaction started, and do update on same entities group like in first transaction, but using pure SQL. Transaction completed.
      * started new transaction and do exactly what first transaction do. I think that JBoss should process ejbLoad() for each entity in group, cause commit option is B and entities now not synchronized with cache, but this not happens and I see the old results.

      What the reason of this strange behaviour ?