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    ClassLoader problems

    Steve Terpening Newbie

      Okay, now you're going to think I'm insane. I've been deploying the same (tweaked) application into JBoss 3.2.2 for months with no problems. And today, it decided that it could no longer find classes it had always found before.

      Yes, I verified that they actually exist.

      The current deployment package (don't laugh) is a JAR with 4 EJB.jar's, a WAR, and another JAR full of library classes. JBoss deploys the EJB's just fine, and the nested WAR/JAR's just fine. But the EJB's and the WAR rely on classes in the nested library, and now I get NoClassDefFound Errors in both the EJB's and the WAR jsps. The truly funny part is that the trace shows the exceptions are being thrown from classes that are in the SAME jar file as the class it can't find!

      Tell me now if I should just re-install.

      Calm on the surface...