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    read-only problem

    topicfun Newbie


      I have some entity beans controlled by one session bean. I don' t want the find and get methods to take part in the transaction. I wrote some additional lines in the jboss.xml:

      my session bean:


      <read-only> true </read-only>

      my entity bean:


      <read-only> true </read-only>

      <read-only> true </read-only>

      As far as I know in this case the ejbstore method (option B) souldn't be called by the container after one get method is called by the client... Or?

      I see in my logfile that the ejbstore is called immediately after get method calling and it may lead the deadlock problem.

      How could I avoid calling the ejbstore in commit-option B?

      Thanks in advance!