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    jndi look up problem

    s_k_tripathi Newbie

      hi friends Please help me I could not show my ejb in jmx-console i have deplyed it under the following naming context my jboss.xml is as follows
      my os is Windows XP



      it is a session bean- if i dont give java:comp and deploy the bean with the simple name client says Bean not found.While in the server log file it is showing that bean has bean deployed.So please help me any body.Becuase if i deploy the bean with the above name the exception in running the client is comp not found.Then what should i do

      my ejb-jar.xml file is as follows-







      If my jboss.xml is as follows



      then it also show while running client that HelloHomeBean not found.
      How to lookup in jmx-console about this bean and under which namespace should i see it.jmx-console shows nothing about the bean.