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    Package EJB interfaces in client-application/web-module ?

    stscit04 Newbie


      I have an EJB Module running in Jboss and 2
      Client-Apps, one running stand-alone, one running as web-module
      in an tomcat instance. Do I need to package the
      EJB interfaces (home/remote) into the client-apps or
      do I need them only at compile-time ?

      For now, I am packaging them into the client-app, but this
      seems to cause problems when I deploy the
      web-app into the tomcat instance running within jboss.

      Do I have to package 2 apps (one running within jboss, one
      running in a stand-alone tomcat) or is there a way to solve this ?
      It would also be interesting if there are any best-practices for
      situations like this (running client-apps in jboss for development
      and in stand-alone tomcat for production).

      Thanks in advance,