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    Stateless Session Beans Memory Leak

    neil mitchell Newbie


      While viewing the JMX console mbean page of the stateless session bean we have deployed I noticed that the console displays a list of the Home interfaces rather than the Locals which we are using. Also the remove count never increments.

      In our production servers we see CreateCounts as high as 17 million but nothing in the RemoveCount 0

      We are using the following setup

      1) Using JBoss 3.2.1 on Redhat 9 JDK 1.4.2_03
      2) We have not changed any default settings related to pool size etc.
      3) The bean is looked up using a service locator pattern and called through a facade
      4) Once a bean method is called we call its remove method.

      1) Does the create count represent the number of method calls? It seems very high as we only have a max pool size of 100 for each EJB
      2) As the RemoveCount number never increments and is always at 0 is this an indicator that we have some sort of memory leak. Although when we look at the heap we dont see an overwhelming number of our Stateless Session beans.

      Any advice would be really appreciated.


      Neil Mitchell