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    Stateless session bean not bound

    chuisman9955 Newbie


      I am using middlegens sequence block to create primary keys. It basically uses a stateless session bean to perform this task. My problem is that the SequenceSession bean that I am using is not being bound and I do not know why.

      The error i get when running unit tests via cactus is:

      [cactus] SequenceSessionLocal not bound
      [cactus] javax.ejb.CreateException: SequenceSessionLocal not bound

      The output when starting the server says:

      10:41:02,718 INFO [StatelessSessionInstancePool] Started jboss.j2ee:jndiName=ejb/SequenceSessionLocalHome,plugin=pool,service=EJB
      10:41:02,718 INFO [StatelessSessionContainer] Started jboss.j2ee:jndiName=ejb/SequenceSessionLocalHome,service=EJB

      and the jboss.j2ee statement from the jmx-console says:

      # jndiName=ejb/SequenceSessionLocalHome,plugin=pool,service=EJB
      # jndiName=ejb/SequenceSessionLocalHome,service=EJB

      The xdoclet heading for the stateless bean is as follows:

      * @ejb.bean
      * type="Stateless"
      * name="SequenceSession"
      * description="Sequence generator"
      * local-jndi-name="ejb/SequenceSessionLocalHome"
      * view-type="local"

      and the call that produces the above mentioned cactus error is:

      SequenceSessionLocal sequenceGenerator =

      Can anybody help me determine why the local interface for my SequenceSessioin bean is not being bound?

      Thank you,