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    Loading class from another ear

    Per Newgro Newbie

      Hi all,

      i hope I'm in the correct forum here.

      My problem is:
      I've developed an <> named Resolver. This will be implemented by different Classes (e.g. DefaultPhoneResolver). To apply the correct Resolver the user can specify it's name in a .properties file. The ResolverLoader gets the name and tries to load the class.

      Every case i tried (Class.forName(); getClass().getClassLoader().load();) there are always java.lang.ClassNotFoundException thrown.

      The problem seems to grow from my deployment structure. The <> Resolver and the <> ResolverLoader are deployed in 1.ear . The <> DefaultPhoneResolver is deployed in 2.ear . Thus the ClassLoader assigned to 1.ear can't load the class from 2.ear.

      Am i correct with this? Which Classloader do i have to use to get this to work?
      Do i have to specify any configuration details?

      Thx for your replies.