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    Http tunneling port requirements

    Todd Gould Novice


      I have successfully configured JNDI and EJB tunneling over HTTPS with the org.jboss.invocation.http.server.HttpProxyFactory and org.jboss.invocation.http.server.HttpInvoker classes in the jboss-service.xml file. All seems to be working well so far and my test cases are still functioning well after the config mods.

      However, I am still puzzeled by one issue. I am moving to HTTPS tunneling to limit the number of ports required in order to enable access through a firewall. I had hoped and assumed that I would be able to get down to a single port (the one configured for the HTTPS Invokers). However, my testing shows that I still need two - the HTTPS invoker port plus the standard 4444/tcp RMIObject port.

      Is the 4444/tcp really required in addition to the HTTPS port? If not, how might I go about finding out what is requiring it as I have the appropriate invoker-bindings in all of the jboss.xml deployment descriptors in order to use the HTTPS invokers exclusively. How can one remove the need for 4444/tcp completely?

      Thanks in advance for any and all help!