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    how to deploy ejb-jar that needs third party jars ?

    kickmetoandy Newbie


      i have the following problem : i have an ejb.jar (that contains
      all my sesison beans), however some of that session beans
      do need classes from external libs such as commons-lang. at the moment
      i put the commons-lang into the lib directory of the server (default) and
      the ejb.jar in deploy directory of the server. is there a way to put the
      ejbs and the required third party jars into one file, so i only have to
      deploy the one file, instead of the two ? problem is that when the
      server is running several apps that need different version of the
      commons-lang there may be (class-)problems if the commons-lang.jars are
      located in the (same) lib directory.

      thanks in advance,
      best reards,