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    Deploying EJBs sequentially:

    ranjithpillai Newbie

      Hello All,
      My Ear file contains couple of ejb jars. I want to deploy these jars in a specific order from top to bottom given in application.xml. But JBoss server deploy these ejbs in a different order. Is there any other setting required for deploying ejbs sequentially given in application.xml?

      Any reply will be appreciated.
      Ranjith Pillai.

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          Darran Lofthouse Master

          What is the reason for wanting to deploy the EJBs in a set order? on deployment none of the code will be executed anyway.

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            Mark Newbie

            Maybe not executed, but deployment does involve some checking and class-loading no? If one EJB extends a class that is contained in another EJB jar, then you have a problem when they're not loaded in the right order. Maybe farfetched, but I feel this is what he meant.

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              Darran Lofthouse Master

              There isn't enough information to make that assumption, in other posts Ranjith has been talking about JBoss not instantiating the component and calling ejbCreate on deployment.

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                Scott Stark Master

                Class loading cannot be the issue because all jars in the deployment are added to the classpath of the deployment before any component is started. Users can have dependencies between components that can require a specific startup ordering. We have not in the past used the application.xml declaration order as any indication of the startup order. You would have had to of used jmx level dependencies. As of 4.0.0RC2 and 3.2.6RC2 the we maintain the application module order as that the order declared in application.xml so that the start order of EAR components is deterministic and equal to that of the declaration order.

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                  ranjithpillai Newbie

                  Hello all,
                  I have an application and I am porting this application.ear from Weblogic Application server to JBoss-3.2.3. This application.ear contain 5 beans. These beans are given in a specific order in application.xml. The intention is - the first bean act as a startup for the application, the initialization as well as invoking the startup service of the application is given in ejbCreate() of the first bean - things are fine when deploying in weblogic.
                  I am porting the same application.ear to jboss-3.2.3. What I noticed is during JBoss startup 1) the beans are deployed but not in the order given in application.xml. 2) ejbContainer didn't invoke ejbCreate method of the StartupBean (Stateless session bean)- so the application didn't start.

                  Note: From the last message I understand that versions before 3.2.6 does not use the order given in application.xml.

                  Could someone breif me about the jmx level dependencies mentioned in the last message.

                  Ranjith Pillai

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                    Darran Lofthouse Master

                    JBoss will not call ejbCreate as part of your deployment, there is also no reuirement for it to do this either.

                    Have a look at 'http://www.jboss.org/wiki/Wiki.jsp?page=CreateAStartupClass'

                    If you deploy the MBean with your ear you would add a depends tag to day wait till the EJBs are deployed.

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                      Joakim Carlsson Kekonius Newbie

                      So if you have several jar files the order can not cause an

                      ERROR [EJBDeployer] Verfiy failed
                      java.lang.NoClassDefFoundError: xxx/yyy/fff


                      I ask this since when jboss try to deploy say ddd.jar then it gives the above error and referes too
                      xxx/yyy/fff which is in another jar file which has not been deployed yet.

                      When searching for this error I found comments on how it it related too the classpath but I have checked this. Is there any other causes for this error or must it be the classpath?

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                        jae Master

                        is there any static initialization going on in those classes?

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                          Lisa Retief Newbie

                          It sounds like you may actually have a real classpath problem - ie. they are not on your classpath.

                          Anyway, what version of JBoss are you using?

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                            Joakim Carlsson Kekonius Newbie

                            I use jboss 3.08. Anyway I gave up and tried too hot deploy the failing jar file. This bypassed the error seemingly and of course promptly gave me a new one. This error seems unrelated though. So this seems too point to that it was the ordering of the jar files deployment that actually caused the error. If my reasoning is wrong please correct me. Anyway thanks for your help!