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    Transaction rollback doesn't work for EJB CMP remove

    canghel Newbie


      I encounter the following problem in the following scenario:
      1. I start a new transaction
      2. I find an EJB CMP entity calling findByPrimaryKey on the home interface (the entity is successfully found)
      3. I call remove on the entity
      4. I call rollback on the current transaction via transaction manager and I expect that the deletion I did in step 3 is undone
      5. I check to see if I still can get the entity by calling again findByPrimaryKey. The problem is that the entity is no more found meaning that the rollback did not work.

      In case of store the rollback works fine only in case of remove the rollback doesn't work. I do not get any exceptions.

      I am using JBoss 3.2.6RC1 and MySQL for the Database. Does anyone know why the rollback doesn't work in case of remove ???

      Thanks in advance,