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    JBoss doesn´t recognize JAR-File

    zippy Newbie

      Hi all,

      I wrote a small java tool, that generates deployment descriptors for JBoss. At the end of the generating process I jar the deployment descriptors and the configured classes in a jar.file, using the command

      Runtime.getRuntime().exec("jar cf "+jarOut.getAbsolutePath()+" -C "+sourceDirectory.getAbsolutePath()+" .");
      from within my tool. If I copy the jar in the deploy directory, JBoss doesn´t do anything, but it recognizes, if I delete the file.
      The class-files in the jar and the deployment descriptors are both alright. If I unjar the jar file and jar the content again (using the jar-command on the command line with the same parameters as in my tool), JBoss deploys the jar.
      The jar-file of my tool is 100 bytes bigger than the command-line jar.

      I don´t have any idea what happens there. Can anyone help me? Thank you in advance.